Our Amazing People

John Hungerford – Managing Director

John is born and bred in Wellington asides from a four year stint in the United Kingdom. For an indepth discussion on Rugby, Cycling or chainsaws, let him know! John is rather proud of what Megabyte stands for and the team culture strongly believing in the work/life balance while having a bloody good laugh.

Cyril Clement – Technical Director

If you know Cyril, he is your typical kiwi, loves all outdoor activities, fixing and upgrading his bikes. Due to this Cyril cannot stay away from Radio Sport! Cyril’s technical knowledge is second to none and he is extremely cheeky.

Nicole Hungerford – General Manager

Originally from Tauranga, we have finally made Nicole a proud Wellingtonian. Most of all, she is one of the best personalities and kind natured people you will meet. Loves the E! channel, but even better at managing Megabyte.

Lance Taylor – Senior Systems Engineer

Lance has been a stalwart at Megabyte over the past eight years. His technical abilities and customer service are amazing and is often seen hucking discs around a golf course in his spare time! Lance has also been mistaken for Ron Weasley on occasion!

Nick Fone – Systems Engineer

Nick is as calm and chilled as they come which means there’s no problem too big or small! Some say NZ’s lookalike for Bradley Cooper, we say he is another one of our kick arse team.

Belinda Beazer – Accountant

Belinda is our superstar financial accountant. Juggles her time between work, family, running and biking heaps and heaps and heaps of km’s. Belinda’s brilliant sense of humour fits Megabyte like a glove!

Aleisha Perry – Service Desk Analyst

Aleisha, Lesh, WonderWoman, take your pick! Aleisha has the patience and empathy of a saint, there is nothing that throws her off her game. We are super proud of Aleisha as she progresses into our Tier 1 table tennis competition.

Grace Tait – Office Coordinator

Grace used to belong to “the F45” until we were lucky enough to entice her away. Although she has left the instructing world, she is teaching us a thing or two about how to harden up during lunchtime workouts! Grace is another kick arse superhero in our star studed team.

Cerys Clowes – Operations Coordinator

We must have the luck of the Irish to have snagged Cerys. Another exercise fanatic to join the Megabyte team who puts us all to shame with her ability and fitness levels carried over from personal training. Is such a bloody good bugger so fits in so well!

Tristan Fuehrhop – Service Desk Analyst

Our Dutch connection is our latest technical recruit. Nothing phases this guy and is super friendly to boot. You may catch a glimpse of him cruising to the train station on his motorised long board. Don’t distract him or make him fall off cause we really like him.

Millie – Furry Welcoming Analyst

Our resident furry staff member, if you pop into the office, guaranteed you will be greeted with licks and a bum waggle. Unless she’s been to play with her mates at the kennel and then she’s a bit pongy so block your nose before patting.